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The vampire Lestat here. I have a story to tell you. It’s about something that happened to me.It begins in Miami, in the year 1990, and I really want to start right there. But it’s important I tell you about the dreams I’d been having before that time, for they are very much a part of the tale too. I’m talking now about dreams about a child vampire with a women’s mind and an angel’s face, and a dream of my moral friend David Talbot.


There were dreams also of my mortal boyhood in France-of winter snows, my father’s bleak and ruined castle of Auvergene, and the time I went out to hunt a pack of wolves that were preying upon our poor village.


Dreams can be as real as events. Or so it seemed to me afterwards...

Tale of the body Thief, The (#4) by Anne Rice

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