Hidden Jewel (Book #4)

Pearl hopes for happiness, but destiny is drawing her deep into the shadows of her family's tainted past...

Riased in a New Orleans mansion filled with kindness and laughter, Pearl Andreas dreams of going ot college and becoming a doctor. With allthe finest familhies wishing her well, her high school graduation party is almost as fetive as Mardi Gras itself. But even a famous jazz band's beat cannot drive away her fear that she will never know the magic of romantic passion, or the truth of her family's burried secrets. Yet her summer job as a nurse's aid in an elegant old hostpiatal is as fascinating as she hoped it would be...and an experienced intern is eager to share his friendship with her.


But the sultry lousiana heat cannot dispel her family's sinful legacy, or the cruel accident that befalls one of Pearl's twin brothers. Then the bayou that caught him in its spell beckons to her mother, Ruby, who flees, tormented, back to her Cajun roots. With Pearl's other brother deathly ill, and her father retreating into his own ourbon-soaked world,Pearl's cherished dreams swirl away with the hurricane winds.


Seeking her mother and the shocking truths of her heritage, she finds a blessed refuge in the arms of a Cajun man, the gentlest friend she has ever kinown. But only when the storm clouds clear can she savor the springtime sweetenss that always, always seem beyond tomorrow.


Tarnished Gold  (Book #5)

Her high school graduation just days away, Gabriel is blissfully happy, despite the ever-widening rift between her Mama andher conniving, whiskey-drinking Daddy. Then rich cannery owner Octavious Tate surprises her near a secluded pond and shatters her sweet innocence, forever...;


Pregnant and desolate, Gabriel agrees to let Octavious’s frigid wife Gladys pretend she’s the one who’s expecting, and claim the baby as her own. Hiding in a tiny room in the Tate mansion, Gabriel is miserable, awaiting visits from her Mama, whose reputation as a Cajun healer gives her an excuse to treat Gladys Tate’s “pregnancy”. But nothing is more wrenching than the moment when Gladys takes baby Paul away forever. 


A twilight gloom settles in Gabriel’s soul. Until a hunting party brings handsome, gentle Creole millionaire Pierre Dumas to the Bayou. Falling desperately in love, she does not heed the warning voice: he may bring more grief than she can bear...


Landry Series Bundle #2 (two books) by V.C Andrews

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