Real men wear kilts


Enough to make even the hardiest Highlander blush, here you will find the steamy romantic history of Scotland laid bare. WIth swords, through sourcery, and in the course of some of the hottest nights ever experienced on the inner Hebrides, Scottish heroes stake their claims, both in the bedroom and out. Dreams come true and legends are born as ancient prophecies are fulfilled by time travelers from the future, in a Scotland  where real historical figures exist side by side with Pagan magic and werewolves. Dashing lairds and Scottish barbarians fight for love and honor in a wild, magical world.


Let Julianne MacLean, Patricia Grasso, Lois Greiman, Marta Acosta, Donna Grant, and many more lead you into the fierce, sexy, irresistible heart of a scotland that is, was, and might still be.

The Mammoth book of Scottish Romance

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