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Billy Halleck, good husband, loving father, is both beneficiary and victim of the American Good life: and a rewarding career as a lawyer...but he is also fifty keeps reminding him, edging into heart attack country.


Then, in a moment of carelessness, Billy sideswipes and old gypsy woman as she is crossing the street- and her ancient father passes a bizarre street-and her ancient father passes a bizarre and terrible judgement on him.


"Thinner," the old gypsy man whispers, and caresses his cheek, like a lover. Just one word...but six weeks later and ninety-three lighter, Billy Halleck is more than worried. He's terrified. And desperate enough for one last gamble...that will lead him to a nightmare showdown with the forces of evil melting his flesh away. And away. And way...

Thinner by Richard Bachman (Stephen King)

SKU: 0451137965UP
  • Gently Loved

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