A bite too far…

Imprisoned and tortured by a lycan pack, half-breed Sebastian Santiago is determined not to break. But now they’ve come up with a cruel plan-starve Sabastian until he is half-mad with hunger,  then force him to succumb to his werewolf instincts by giving him human prey to feed on.


Snatched from the streets of Istanbul, American tourist Ruby Deveroux has already seen the horror of her companions torn apart. Now she is thrown into a dark cell with a shadowy shape she can barely see. But Ruby is no ordinary woman. All her life she has been able to sense the emotions of others, and she knows instinctively that while Sebastian does not want to be her enemy, he is in the grip of then. But amid his surging feelings she can detect passion-passion for her as a woman. This, she realizes, may be her only hope. In the unrelenting dark, trapped in a hideous prison, can Ruby and Sebastian somehow forge a fragile alliance and break free from their deadly captors to seize a love neither dreamed possible? 

To Crave a Blood Moon (#3) By Sharie Kohler

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  • Paperback

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