Laura Flynn, private investigator, asks too many questions. Or so maintains the anonymous caller who has repeatedly left threatening messages on her answering machine. But which questions are dangerous?


It would seem to be those about Kate Mullery, the trend-setting fashion designer who hired Laura to investigate a potential business partner. When Mullery first approached Laura’s financially strapped detective agency, the high-paying client seemed like a boon. But then the designer disappears-taking her hefty fee with her- and Laura’s attempts to track her down meet resistance in the form of an attack dog and it’s violent owner.


Laura’s inquiries about her missing father, Joe Flynn- who went out to buy cigarettes twenty years ago and never returned-are also unwelcome. Laura’s mother attributes his disappearance to the charms of another woman, but the mysterious, and menacing, response Laura gets to her question suggests otherwise.


As if Laura doesn’t have enough to deal with in the way of missing persons, the long-suffering Mrs. Lotti is desperate to find Jaguar, her beloved and aptly named cat. Laura can’t help but feel, however, that the prospect of finding one tardy tabby in all of London is a bit like looking for a needle in the haystack.


But Flynn is not one to shrink before a challenge, and so, ignoring warnings from the police, her answering machine, and her ex-husband- who necessarily unwelcome, role in her life- Laura continues the search for Kate, Joe and Jaguar. But then one of them turns up dead, and Flynn must question if she might be next...

Too Many Questions by Lesley Grant-Adamson

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  • Hardback