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Melody had always believed her mother, Hallie, and dear stepdaddy had died in tragic accidents- that's why she'd come to stay with her secretive Logan relatives on Cape Cod. But then a friend recognized Hallie's picture in a catalog and kindled Melody's hopes. Maybe  her mother hadn't perished in a fire in California after all, but was in some desperate trouble that kept her out of reach...


Melody's dream of finding her mother seemed as flimsy as the scrap of paper that was her only clue. And de3spite the papered life Melody was offered as a guest in Beverly Hills mansion, nothing could soften the blow of the moment she stood face-0to- face with her mother and say her eyes turn dark and cold as stones. Melody knew there must be a reason why her mother pretended at first not to recognize her- and why she'd even fake her own death. Though Melody's beloved Cary beckoned from Cape Cod, she felt in her heart that her mother needed her now more than ever. And beneath her mother's unkept promises and tattered fantasies, Melody hoped to unearth the truth about her own past, and find her away to a safer, better place...where she could embrace a bright new future of her own.

Unfinished Symphony (#3) by V.C Andrews

SKU: 0671534734UP
  • Gently Loved

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