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Leah thinks her battle with cancer is over, but the disease that haunts her past has struck someone she loves. Leah's kind and gentle stepfather, Neil, reals that he has been in remission but is now ill again. Leah is furious; what other secrets have been kept from her/ her anger turns to fear as she contemplates losing the first real family she's ever known.


Leah finds comfort in a visit to Amish country to see her beloved Ethan, whom she met while in the hospital for cancer treatment. But Ethan is changing; his taste of non=Amish life has left him with many questions. He wants to find his brother, who has been banished by the Amish community. In his search for answers, Ethan chooses to leave his life on the farm and stay with Leah and her family.


Ethan's simple Amish values collide with Leah's complex "English" world. Will the love they share help or hurt Leah as she faces the challenges ahead?

Until Angels Close My Eyes (#3) by Lurlene McDaniel

SKU: 053357115XUP
  • Gently Loved

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