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New York City cab driver Yuri Davydov is an angry,disillusioned Russian emigre bent on returning to his motherland after an unhappy seven-year sojourn in the United States.Before his departure,he wants to lash out at the adoptive nation that lured him with what he believes was the hoax of the American Dream, only to deny him contentment,opportunity,and personal prosperity. 

As a forer technician for the vast Soviet biological weapons  industry Biopreparat.Yuri possesses the technical knowledge to carry out his vengeance on a horrific scale,especially after teaming up with a pair of far right survivalists who share his abhorrence of the United States government.The survivalists and their neofascism skinhead militia have to trouble stealing the raw materials Yuri needs.Working together they launch Operation Wolverine.

Vector (#4) by Robin Cook

SKU: 0399144714UH
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