It’s a high-stakes game for Hopemore, Georia, county magistrate MacLaren Yarbrough when she investigates the murder of a bridge maven.


State bridge champion Edith Whelan Burkett has been dealt a string of bad hands. Not only did her husband commit suicide, but he left her with a pile of debts and some valuable snuffboxes his will borbids her to sell. With just her job and the public library and a thousand-acre pecan grove to sustain her, Edie is under tremendous stress. But all Edie’s problems are trumped by her murder. 


Once again Mac Yarbrough is in the thick of things, ready to investigate. All signs point to a man Mac believes innocent. Now she must figure out who’s stacking the deck against him...

Who killed the Queen of Clubs#7 by Patricia Sprinkle

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  • Paperback