Willow (Book #1)

All that glitters isn’t gold…


Wealth. Extravagant parties. Celebrity status. These are things Willow De Beers could only dream of-until now. After discovering deep family secrets in her adoptive father’s journal, Willow bids farewell to her North Carolina college town and sets out to search for her birth family amid the ritzy clamour of Palm Beach.


Using an assumed name and pretending to conduct a study of one of the nation's wealthiest communities, Willow takes Florda’s gem city by storm and quickly encounters Thatcher Eaton, a young lawyer who sweeps her off her feet. But as Willow spirals into a passionate love affair and becomes intoxicated with the lifestyle of the rich and famous, the dark truth about her birth family threatens her fabulous new life, pushing her to the brink of insanity...


Wicked Forest (Book #2)

In a world of hidden dangers, it’s easy to get lost…

Wicked Forest

After discovering her true identity, Willow De Beers leaves her North Carolina town to live with her real mother and her half-brother in Palm Beach, Florida. Now caught up in a world of glamour and extravagant wealth, where nosy neighbors, fueled by gossip and greed, keep an eye on her eccentric family, Willow is determined to make a fresh start.


Thatcher Eaton, the debonair attorney, uses his intoxicating charm once again, this time convincing Willow to give him her hand in marriage. It’s to be the ritziest wedding of the decade, even my Palm Beach standards. But as future plans are made, families feud and rumors fly-and Willow soon learns the horrifying truth: from the darkest of secrets there is no escape...


Twisted Roots (Book #3)

The perfect family...and the perfect nightmares

Twisted Roots

From the outside, Hannah Eaton seems to live a charmed life in wealthy Palm Beach, Florida, with her mother, Willow, a renowned psychologist, and her step father. But deep inside, she is miserable and lonely. She’s been abandoned by her father, a pretentious lawyer whose family wants nothing to do with her. Now, the arrival of a new baby bother has consumed her mother, who is obsessed with caring for the sickly infant. And so, Hannah slips further into the shadows…


With the help of her boyfriend and her uncle, Hannah sets out for New orleans to follow her dreams of singing. But life on the road holds many dark surprises-and shattering realities that Hannah herself may not be ready to face...

DeBeers Book Bundle #1 (3 books) by V.C Andrews

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