Into the Woods (Book #4)


Her life would never be the same once she ventured…

Into the Woods

The only child of a U.S naval officer father and a charming mother, Grace Houston is the center of her parent’s universe-until sudden tragedy tears her world apart. Now Grace and her mother, Jackie Lee, move from to start all over again. It’s hard enough being the new girl- but Grace is enrolled at a prestigious private school where what you wear is more important than who you are. Now her own mother is pressuring her to do whatever it takes to be accepted by the in-crowd. But Grace just wants to close her eyes and disappear.


Soon Jackie Lee marries a sophisticated millionaire, Winston Montgomery, who is her ticket to high society. But happiness once again vanishes into the shadows...and it’s not long before the young and dashing Kirby Schott works his way into Jackie lee’s life. He's got his eye on her newly inherited fortune-and something much more precious: her beautiful, innocent daughter.


Hidden Leaves (Book #5)


The truth could not be revealed-until now…

After the tragic death of her adoptive father, Willow De Beers receives an unexpected gift: a family diary that unlocks all the secrets of her world-and shatters the life she’s known in glitzy Pam Beach, Florida. At last, Willow learns the identity of her real father, and unearths his secret love affair with her real mother. She discovers the reason for her adoptive mother’s cruelty ...and the truth about the mysterious woman who couldn’t keep her, but would love her forever. 

DeBeers Series Bundle #2 (2 books) by V.C Andrews

  • Paperback

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