Blaze Wyndham (Book #1)

Blaze Wyndham. The ravishing beauty who came from the lavish and lustful court of Henry VIII to become he mistress and confidante of the most powerful man in England. Although he demanded her surrender with all the awesome power of his position, the King could not have her love. And when he commanded she marry a man she professed to hate-dashing and rakish lord Anthony Wyndham0 she dared not refuse...yet Blaze’s growing passion for this sweet enemy would soon become her destiny. Set in a world ruled by men’s appetites and ambitions, this grand0scale love story, filled with all the sensuality, drama, and thrilling intrigues of Henry Tudor’s glittering sixteenth-century court, is Bertrice Small’s masterwork of romance and fiction.


Love, Remember me (book #2)

Lovely Nyssa, fair as a wild rose, has come to court of Henry the VIII to serve as lady-in-waiting to his fourth wife…


To the shock of all England, Henry’s marriage is being annulled, for the queen cannot satisfy his bawdy desires. Henry is seeking a spirited new wife and it is clear that Nyssa is favored. But in a land rife with conspiracy and rebellion, there are those in secret power determined to thwart Henry’s intentions. A drugged Nyssa awakens in the arms of a notorious rake. Her virtue arms of a notorious rake. Her virtue destroyed, the king orders them to wed.


Nyssa’s new husband dares to conquer the heart of his spitfire bride. But the intrigues and dark side of the court intrude upon their happiness as Nyssa becomes trapped in a devious plot that could arouse the wrath of Henry Tudor and send Nyssa and her entire family to end their days in the infamous Tower of London.



Wyndham Saga Bundle (books 1-2) by Bertrice Small

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  • Blaze Wyndham - paperback

    Love, Remember me- Hard back

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