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 Have books you think would be perfect for P.G's Story Emporium? Want to donate them to us? It's simple! Gather all of the items you wish to donate, send them, drop them off of have us pick them up (contact us for locations) and earn credit for what you've donated! Please keep in mind, however, that we do not take donations for previously loved games, cards, wearables, notebooks, bookmarks or other non-book items unless the items are in it's original package and still sealed, never used. This helps us ensure that all of our inventory in meets our quality control standards.

Here at the Emporium, we look over each item and give them a label based on what condition they are in. During this process we take into account wear and tear on the covers, writing in the books, bent pages and more (we'll talk more about this later). When you donate your treasures, we will reward you with credit based on which of our five levels of quality. These levels are:

New ($2.50 per item credited to be used within six months)- New items are only marked as new IF we can confirm that they have NEVER been read/used and the condition of the item is what one would expect when buying an item brand new at any store.

Like New ($1.50 per item credited to be used within 6 months)- It is very rare that we list items as "Like New". In order to achieve this level, items must appear as if they have never been used. They must be in perfect or nearly perfect condition with no creases on the spine, no bent pages, no writing, ect. To the naked eye, these items would appear to be brand new, though we are unable to confirm that they are, in fact new or we know they have been used at least once.

Gently Loved ($1.00 per item credited to be used within six months)- Items marked as gently loved are in good condition. Their covers may show some wear and tear, their spines may be creased and there may even be some pulling on the binding. All imperfections found, however are those one would expect from "normal" and reasonable use. 

Loved ($0.25 per item credited to be used within six months)- Items that are considered to be "loved" are items that show evidence of being more then slightly loved. These items may have been repaired or more then moderately cleaned. They may also have a significant amount of writing in them, passages may be highlighted or pages may be slightly loose. We also mark some of our items loved if they appear to have been tossed around, squashed into a back pack and their covers show a lot of wear or folds. In short, anything in good enough condition to place on our shelves but don't quite meet the requirements for "gently loved"

Most items we consider to be in less then "loved" condition we consider to be un-sell-able. These items we either donate to another cause (Goodwill, little free libraries, ect), give away or use for projects or images in the future. While we do accept these donations, we do not give store credit for them. We do NOT throw the items away if we can, in any way, avoid it. Any items that fall under this category will be offered back to you or we will take ownership of them and use them at our discretion. 

When we receive donations, we will preform what we refer to as pre-evaluations. At this time we will evaluate each item briefly to estimate, based on what we see at that time, what we will list the item for. It is at this time that we will award credit toward items you've donated. While we do anticipate to list the items at those prices, we do reserve the right to list them as a different quality upon further evaluation. This means that we may expect to label an item as "gently Loved" during our pre-evaluation, but find during further evaluation that your item fits the criteria of "loved" instead. At this time, we will not adjust your credit. This also applies for items we credit as "loved" but later realize that they really meet the criteria of "gently loved".

Credits will be awarded in the form of a coupon code. To redeem your credit, simply use your personal promo code at check out. Credit will be used prior to Tax and Shipping charges are applied.

Special bonuses may be added to your credit balance for a number of reasons and promotions as we see fit! You never know what extra's you'll get! 

If you would like an itemized list of the credit you are receiving, please let us know at the time the donation is made. 

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

We at P.G's Storybook Emporium reserve the right to alter and adjust the terms of our donation credit program as we see fit at any time.

Credit is subject to our our interpretation of our guidelines for quality distinction based on the guidelines briefly discussed above. 

We reserve the right to alter and change our quality guidelines at any time as we see fit.

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