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  • Review: The Traveling Camera

    Title: The Traveling Camera Lewis Hine and the Fight to End Child Labor Author: Alexandra S.D. Hinrichs Illustrator: Michael Garland Expected release date: 09/14/21 Get your copy here! What's it about? Lewis Hine was a social reformer in the late 1800's and early 1900's. His camera was his weapon against the unjust conditions children found themselves in. He used the photos his camera yielded to show others the harsh conditions and convince the right people that child labor laws needed to come into play. This is the story of how he fought to protect the younger population of laborers. Other thoughts? This isn't a book like the others I usually tend to review. There are no major characters to pick a favorite or least favorite from. There's really just one...Lewis Hine. There's no string of events to pick a favorite and least favorite from. Instead there's beautiful images (my son swears they are done with water colors) and a journey of harsh conditions and children too young to be in them. When I first heard about this book, I first thought of my oldest daughter. She studied social reforms and those who lead the way in school this year (2020-21). Then I started to question if I should be excited about the book. The truth is, this movement was needed because what was happening was dark, dangerous and upsetting. Children were loosing limbs and even their lives! It's a tough subject and can be very disturbing, so how are they going to attack this topic with out giving kids nightmares? Well, I think they did a great job. They focused more on Lewis, telling broad short stories about individuals he came across and gave just enough details to introduce the idea without going so far that the children are scared for life. The lyrical story telling mixed with italicized excerpts pulled from Mr. Hine's own writings enlightened and educated me in a non threatening way. My daughter and I loved being able to enjoy the story and then advance into some more in depth, historical information given in the last few black and white pages. I appreciated the sensitivity that Ms. Hinrichs used to tell this warrior's story and celebrate his hard work and determination to help, but one of the things I appreciated most was that both my daughter and I thought this would be a great companion to the chapters she studied in history class. I can't help but to be proud to help those thirsty for knowledge and interested in history find their way to this wealth of knowledge and phenomenal imagery. My daughter's favorite part was that this book spoke the truth without sweeping the tragedies under the rug (which I appreciated, too). What do we rate this? My daughter gives it a 6 out of 10 photos! I give this book a 6 out of 10 photos as well! But that's just us! Have you read it (it's available for pre-order when you click the link above)? Did you appreciate this book as much as we did? What would you rate this book? Let us know in the comments.

  • Book Review: Cross Bones

    Title: Cross Bones Author: Kimberly Vale Expected release date: 10/5/21 Get your copy here! What's it about? They say "Never trust a pirate" and it's not the worst advice, but is it all the best? That's debatable. But the question is impossible to NOT ask when then Blood Bell rings, announcing the Pirate King's death and as there's no known heir, the thrown now sits empty. The next step is a deadly trial, at the end of which, one pirate captain will be named the new King....or the first ever Pirate Queen. Csilla Abado. She's strong, determined and in touch with her humanity. She's the caption on the Scarlett Maiden, the only all female pirate ship but what if those who she thinks she can trust, can't really be trusted? Will she put her faith in the wrong people or will she trust no one? She wants to wear the crown more then anything but where will she draw the line? How far will she go? Kane Blackwater is living his life trying to prove to his dead father that he's not the black sheep of Blackwater family, and to everyone else (mostly himself) that he is the right captain for the Iron Jewel. He's a little broody, keeping his thoughts and emotions to himself with a bit of an anger issue and he's bound and determined to be crowned king. Lorelei Penny isn't a pirate at all. She's just a girl living with her mother who seems to be going mad. She's pulled by the sea and fascinated with the pirates that everyone else seems to think dangerous and heartless, but finds herself anxious when she comes face to face with real life powers but when she finds herself with no other choice but to trust the very people everyone says you can't, will she trust the pirates or will she become another victim? Desperate times call for desperate measures when the Bone Crown is at steak. Will Kane, Csilla and Lorelei manage to survive the trials and the other pirate captains long enough to see who gets to wear the crown in the end? Or will the die before they ever know the newest occupants of the Pirate King's throne? Favorites: Favorite Character: My first thought was that Csilla was going to be my favorite. I instantly loved her strength and humor. Then I met Lorelei. I know what some of you are thinking. One of my favorite T.V. shows is Gilmore Girls, so of course I liked the character named Lorelei! I admit, I can't hear that name without thinking of Gilmore Girls but that's not what I liked about her the most. That's not why she's my favorite. I think the initial appear was that she didn't seem to have soft edges like Csilla and Kane. I have nothing against their sharp edges, but compared with them, the softness of Lorelei was nice. But it didn't stop there. Her whole world is destroyed and she keeps going. She keeps fighting, not becuase she wants to, but because she knows she needs to and she's strong enough to do what she needs to. She wasn't taught to be cold and tough. She didn't spend her life fighting and being totally oppressed, though her mother's declining mental health didn't earn her any advantages. She witty and sarcastic and stubborn (not entirely unlike Csilla). She fights for what's right whole heartedly and unapologetically. The others tend to question more then Lorelei does. Least Favorite Character: Rove without a doubt. He's scandalous, manipulative, dirty, cruel and heartless (not unlike a traditional pirate may be). There's really not much nice to say about him at all. Favorite Part: I think it was in the first chapter when Csilla yells a curse at a villager. There were a lot of parts that were good or made me laugh, but I chose this one becuase that was the moment I knew that I was going to enjoy this book. And it reminded me of the end of the first Harry Potter book and the moment I decided that Harry Potter was worth the hype. Favorite Quote: "Csilla wished it was that easy for her- to just laugh away the ache in her heart. 'Pain is necessary. If you don't know pain, you'll never know true happiness. Think of each day as a canvas fresh and new. You can't paint everyday yellow without leaving one for gray.'" (pg. 262) I loved this quote because I loved the imagery of it. It's been said many times before that we must know pain and darkness to know hippieness and light, but never quite like this. There's also this cool way of giving the illusion, at the very least, of control to it all which I can't help but love. Any other thoughts? When I first received this book, I thought, "Okay, so this is like if Pirates of the Caribbean and the Hunger Games had a baby." Okay. I liked Hunger Games. I didn't hate Pirates of the Caribbean. I was wrong. That's not what this is at all. The closest pirate to Jack Sparrow is hardly seen and the "trials" is a treasure hunt with unbelievably giant stakes. Few people die. There is no sadistic game coordinator, but there are deities that aren't exactly out for the best of all humanity. Those no raiding towns and raping their women. Nope. Not at all and I'm okay with that. I don't like rape. So what is it then? Pirates is more like ethnic group. They have their own culture, their own rules to live by but it's up to the pirate to figure out how to live by those rules or break them. They have the choice to be a good person or not, just like the rest of us. Not all of the pillage or kill for fun. In fact, many of them don't. Yet, the word "pirate" has a negative connotation and people continue to be afraid of them. So, of course, they are oppressed and punished even when they've done nothing to be punished for. Yet, they aren't perfect. They all (Lorelei, Csilla and Kane) have a past they need to deal with and accept as the past. They all have something to prove, and while they often say that they are proving something so someone else, it's really them they need to prove themselves to. Cross Bones hooked me from the very first chapter. I was sold. I was rooting for Csilla. I believed in Kane and I was absolutely on Lorelei's side. I wanted to see the trials. I wanted to win the trials and I thankful that the trials were more of an adventure then a mass murder for sadistic on lookers (Yep. I'm talking to you Suzanne Collins with your Hunger Games). It was fun, it was thrilling, it had emotion and the bouncing between three perspectives was done well. I appreciate a book that can make me cry and cheer in the same sitting! What do I rate this book? I give this book a 7 out of 10 gold pieces But that's just me (and I usually don't chase down pirate stories). Maybe you wanted more of Rove? Or maybe you wished that Flynn's perspective was the fourth perspective we experienced the story through. What did you think? Let us know in the comments.

  • Review: Big Boned (Jo Watson)

    Title: Big Boned Author: Becca Fitzpatrick Get your copy here! First, truth time! You could say that my life is a tangled mess of what is considered to be "not normal". My entire life, I've been big. I can't remember a time when I wasn't I wasn't picked on, bullied, or even treated differently for my weight. Sometimes things were not meant to be mean or cruel, but they taught me that my weight mattered for reasons that was not exactly my own health or well being. It's a struggle I've had and fought with for years but didn't always know how to talk about it and, sometimes, even ashamed of putting into words. I also struggle with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and it's an experience that is almost impossible to put into words (and trust me, I've tried). I've tried. It's, at times over whelming and a mystery. There's not always a tangible reason for it and, when it rears it's head, it's scary and, even sometimes pain from my body's physical reaction to the stress and tensing up. One of the worst parts is, so many people have been taught to be ashamed of anxiety, causing so many stop trying to explain the struggle. And, finally, my son has autism. He was diagnosed right before sixth grade (which was after a lot of pleading for help) and, while there was a huge blow felt when he was first given the diagnosis, there was also a relief with having answers and resources to help us help him as well as finding understanding. Now, with that all being said, shall move on with it? After all, we're not here to talk about me, but about "Big Boned" What's it about? Lori Palmer's family are new to the area and to the Bay Water High which is hard on anyone, Lori isn't "normal". She's a bigger girl, some (including her) may even call her fat, her parents are divorced, her mother is lost in a world or mourning her failed marriage and redefine herself and her brother has Autism, and she suffers from anxiety, which rears it's ugly head at some of the most inopportune times. Now it's her time to redefine her self and it starts with feeling comfortable in her own skin and learning to accept and love herself for who she is with the help of some new friends, new enemies and even her brother. Favorites? Favorite Character: I actually had two favorite characters. The first of my favorite is Lori (I know, right? I am actually choosing the main character as a favorite!). I think I'm so drawn to her because she reminds me of me. Her inability to see her own worth, her constant awareness of all of her flaws without realizing that many of them are her "flaws" because someone else told her they were, not becuase she thought they were. I related to her inability to celebrate and believe in her strengths, her successes and talents. I understood her. I got the seemingly hypocrisy within internal struggle where she knew what she wanted to believe and what she believed when it came to others but couldn't believe in herself. She could see the beauty in the world around her and all that it held except herself. And yet it's all written in this non-threatening, sincere and authentic way like no other character I've ever read. My second favorite character was Vicki. She was wise and confident. She believed in those she surrounded herself with (including herself) and did her job well. She wasn't threatening, invasive or pushy. She was even casual. She guided Lori. She enjoyed her job and it showed. And, maybe my favorite thing about this magnificent woman, she said exactly what my younger self needed to hear. She said what Lori needed to hear without being hurtful or demeaning. She knew how to say what needed to be said in a loving way that may have, at times, been cheesy but the wisdom she shared was undeniable. Least Favorite Character: Before I share this, I want you to know that there were people I disliked and people who may have risen above her on this list had they been around more but either way, I wouldn't have loved this character. My least favorite character was Lori's mom, Barbara. I understand that she's struggling. She's still reeling from her divorce and she's trying to figure out who she is without the title of "wife" and "homemaker" in the list of adjectives. I get she's trying to feel good about herself again and, honestly, I support these things. However, she seems to have forgotten, or failed to notice, that her kids are also struggling. They are also trying to deal with the untimely divorce of their parents. They, especially Lori, is trying to figure out where she fits in the world and who she is. What words describe her? What words does she want to describe her? Now that she's a senior, what does the future hold? What does she dream about it containing and how can she get it? Instead, she's chasing her own dreams. She's listening to her clients instead of her kids. She's defining herself without allowing her children to do the same for themselves. Now, I'm not suggesting she doesn't love them, because I think she does...a lot. However, I think she forgot that you can be a mother and go through hard times at the same time. I think she forgot that her children have feelings, too; that they went through a divorce, too. She is not alone. She's not an island and she can't pretend that she is. She certainly can't pretend she's a wonderful vacation destination and leave her duties as a mother with someone else while she chases a numbing agent for her pain. That's why I don't like her. Favorite Part: Okay, this one was hard. Not because there are no bad parts, but because it's pretty much exclusively good and/or powerful scenes so how can I possibly choose my favorite? But after some thought, I think I landed on a scene. I think it's in about the middle of the book when Lori creates her first piece of influential art (I'm deliberately being vague to prevent spoilers). There's something beautiful about that moment, what it does to her, the cathartic release it offers and what it triggers in/for her. Favorite Quotes: Here, take these." I held my hands open as she dropped something into my palms; succulent leaves. "Lay them on some soil. Give them a little bit of water in a spray bottle, not that much, and watch them grow." She closed my hand around the leaves. "We start small. A fine mist of water, a few good words to ourself, and we keep it up everyday. And one day, we want to believe wont believe what we've grown into." (pg.114) "You have such a powerful voice, Lori." She said but I shook my head. This couldn't be further from reality. "You do, you just haven't realized it yet." (pg. 180) "Lori, you're fears and insecurities and what you think about yourself, those things are all sabotaging you, and if you don't learn to silence those voices, you're never going to have the things in life that you deserve." (pg. 274) "I'm just saying that your fears are stopping you from having the things in life that you want and deserve." (pg. 274) Any other thoughts? I have more thoughts then I think I will ever be able to say! I spent the entire book in one state, with two parts that just took turns overtaking me. The first, that Lori is (sadly enough) a more confident me when I was younger. It kind of read as an odd love letter to my younger self and 2.Tearing up because of how accurate what I reading was to real life. I love a good coming of age story when the underdog or imperfect person (especially girls) find themselves and learn to love themselves but I've never seen it done this well! I've never felt like some one just got me so spot on without even meeting me! The thoughts Lori battled as they constantly floated around in her head and how natural they emerged. I never felt like Ms. Watson was trying to get it or trying too hard. I loved how she evaded clichés and Lori's struggles (especially with her weight) was not about vanity. It wasn't about wanting to be pretty. No. It was about wanting to be good enough as a whole and she had been told through a million words and countless actions that she wasn't good enough for a list of reasons including her weight. I loved how raw she got sometimes. The scene when she talks about Zac's (her little brother) diagnosis hit me so hard and relieved some of my own feelings as she spoke about the emotions that we, as loved ones of someone on the spectrum, feel overpowering guilt about and a burden of shame. And, of course, the choice of telling the story from the first person, in Lori's words, only strengthens the impact. My most favorite thing about this book, however was that even though it takes place in South Africa and even though she's dealing some pretty difficult things that don't often land on one person's head as a combo pack, it's universal. I was constantly forgetting that she was in South Africa and not in my town in Iowa. Her vulnerabilities, her insecurities, her struggles with trying to "act cool" and calm, her all screams universal to me; utterly relatable. She didn't feel like a character to me, it felt real. Lori could have/currently be my best friend and I know she'd see my insecurities without me saying a word...and she'd know how to make me feel better. Why isn't she real! Now, as I've waxed poetic about my love for this story that happened to fall into my lap (almost literally as my son tossed it to me after checking the mail that day), I do have admit that it's not perfect. Oh yes, I found typos. I found repeated phrases some misspellings and some poorly formed sentences. Now I know no one's perfect and this may not be the final version with all the edits as it doesn't come out until September 2021 (Big Boned was my first Advanced Reader copy!!!! Eeeek! The joy is immeasurable) and I didn't find the mistakes too much (as in they didn't hinder my ability to read the book) but they are there for sure. Finally, I want to say one last thing. This book, I believe, is a friend to every girl (and maybe guy, too, though I think it's more of a girl book) who struggles with anxiety and insecurities. I believe it gives us a voice and guides us to our own inner strength. This is a book that should be available in high schools and middle schools/jr high schools/middle schools even if there is some cursing in it. It's a book I sure wish I had when I was younger! And I think it will offer comfort for many a girl who, like Lori and I, struggling with embracing who we are and the fact that we, too, are worthy and deserving of love. What do I rate this book? I give this book a 8 out of 10 self love lists P.S Upon further consideration, I think my real favorite part was Lori's list of things she likes about herself. Talk about growth and empowerment! Dang, girl! But that's just what I thought! I can't wait to hear what you think so, if you, like me, are lucky enough to read it before it's release, let us know what you thought! If you didn't get an advanced copy, or it's already dropped (scheduled for Sept. 21, 2021) let us know what you think when you read it! And, if you'd like to get your preorder in and save 10%, click on this pretty link to get yours ordered before your friends!

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