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  • Book Review: North to Alaska by Debbie Macomber

    Title: North to ALASKA Authors: Debbi Macomber Get your copy here! What's it about? That wintery Feeling: Cathy's heart was broken and her love betrayed so she did the next logical thing. She accepted a job and moved from Kansas to Alaska. There, she's making new friends and discovering her protective side when it comes to her students. But then a new man walks into her life and her life is turned upside down as she struggles to let go of her previous romance while exploring a while new relationship with a new man, who also happens to have a daughter that she adores. Borrowed Dreams: Carly Grieves is on the search for an adventurous life that makes her feel safe and secure, something she hasn't had much of in her life. She's accepted a job in Anchorage that promises her a challenge, and maybe even a romance she's not looking for. Now she's in a constant state of inner turmoil as she struggles to accept her feeling and allow herself the happiness she's always wanted. Favorites: Favorite story: Borrowed Dreams was my favorite of the two. I honestly didn't love That Wintery Feeling, mainly because I didn't really like most of the characters, especially not the main characters in That Wintery Feeling. I at least was intrigued by Carly. I also understood Carly a little more then I was able to understand Cathy. Favorite Character: The kids. Easy. But they're kids so... I mean, it's hard to beat them. Least favorite character: Grady. I found him to be controlling, misogynistic, sexist, selfish , manipulative and cold. (And yes. I will tell you how I really feel. lol) I couldn't understand how he had ever had a girlfriend in his life, or why Cathy gave him the time of day and allowed him to get away with his crap. Other thoughts: I need to start off by being very honest here. I think my "girl power" feminist side may have been pulled out with this book, and I admit that those things absolutely effected the way I ingested this book. When I was done reading this, I got curious, however and checked the copywrite date and saw that it was copywrited in the early 1980's. Now, that doesn't exactly matter, but it did shed some light for me. It helped explain some of the more traditional views seen in this book, including the gender roles seen in the relationships. With that being said I didn't understand why either Cathy or Carly put up with the guys they were interested in. They were all manipulative and bossy. I wanted to smack almost all of the guys at at least one point. The very fact that I disliked the guys made my affection for Carly and Cathy significantly lower, too, as I couldn't understand how or why they made the choices they made. While the stories themselves were not bad, my dislike for the characters kind of ruined the stories for me and left me disliking them both. This does not mean that there were no good parts, though. There were a few moments here and there that I really enjoyed. There were emotions and topics that were very real and relatable, which is part of the reason I was so disappointed by the women. The truth is that, if you enjoy the idea of bossy men finding their match and somewhat falling to their knees for a woman and you don't have the inherent "Girl power!" battle cry going off in your head, you may love this book! This is very much about my own opinion. The writing is pretty solid, though I wish she would have used more "show me" language however the lack of "show me" language didn't hinder the telling of the story at all. Over all, I just didn't love this book as much as I hoped to. What do I rate it? 4 out of 10 planes But that's just me. What did you think about this book? Did you love it? Did you adore Carly or Cathy? Did you find yourself crushing on the leading men? Let us know in the comments!

  • Book Review: Haunted Melody (Ghost of Frederic Chopin)

    Title: Ghost of Frederic Chopin Author: Eric Faye Get your copy here! What's it about? When Slaney is assigned to make a documentary about a woman claiming to be in contact with the ghost of Frederic Chopin and writing his works composed from the grave, he knows that the whole thing is a hoax. There are no such things as ghosts, and the sure don't compose music! But what Slaney finds, instead, is a maze of pieces that don't quite fit together and more questions then answers and not matter how many times he asks for an extension, he may never find the one answer he wants most of all. What are my favorites? Favorite Character: I really liked Vera and I'm even tempted to say that she is my favorite. But I'm not sure I can. As much as I liked her quite, sure, calm, eccentric nature, I think I liked Ludvik Slaney's journey more. I have to be honest, at first I didn't love him. Honestly, seemed kind of flat. But, by the end of the story, I found that I had fallen in loved with his journey. I loved how he questioned theories and, most importantly, himself. He fought for what he believed in. Favorite Part: The end. Not because it ended like a fairy tale. Not becuase it ended the way I imagined, but the ending was satisfying, poetic and intriguing. It was the moment that I became invested in the story; that I was hooked. It was the moment I wanted more. Least Favorite Part: The beginning. It just felt slow and like it was dragging. I honestly questioned if I was going to like it, or even if I was going to make it through the book. (It was worth it. I promise it grew on me). Any other thoughts? This was very much not what I expected. Not at all. I misread the title when I first saw it and thought it said "The ghost of Frederic Chaplin" and totally thought that it was going to be Charlie Chaplin's real name was Frederic or it was his brother or something. I thought it was going to be a "who done-it" type mystery with clues sprinkled around for us to collect and put together. I thought, for some reason, it was more of a kids/YA book. Wrong on all accounts! It had nothing to do at all with the Chaplin family! Though, the ghost was an entertainer of sorts. Instead it was Frederic Chopin, the Polish composer best known for his complicated and intricate piano compositions including "The Piano Concerto No.1 in E minor, Op." (Yea. I know. I had to look it up, but I sounded super smart for a minute, didn't I?) There wasn't a sprinkle of clues. There was a story that made you question your thoughts and beliefs. It made me question what it would take to change my mind. At what point do you start believing in what you thought was not true at all and at what point do you declare nothing has changed, you still know what's real and not. Nope. It's an adult book (not that there's sex or anything in it) with a ton of cultural references and comments that, honestly, I didn't get or feel the "proper" impact. The story takes place in Prague in the year 1995. The story is slow without a lot of big, exciting scenes but, what I noticed in the end was that the story was more of a journey of belief, faith, hope and existentialism then finding solid, concrete answers that prove what you want the evidence to prove. The path to the full discovery was a pretty slow one, one that threatened to buck me off a few times. With that being said, I do feel like I would have appreciated the story more had I had a better handle of the history of the the land. I feel like I had just enough to slightly get the references and know that they meant something important that I didn't get. On the plus side, I did look some of it up told learn a little more about the context of the story and to learn a little about Chopin himself. Thank goodness for Google, right? But even with my historical ignorance, I found myself ending the book which much more love then I ever would have thought. In the end, as I closed the book on the last page (221), I was so glad I picked this book up and stuck with it. It was absolutely worth the read! What do I rate it? I give this book a 6 out of 10 pianos

  • Book Review: Downtown Boy by Laura Battanyl-Petose

    Title: Downtown Boy Author: Laura Battanyl-Petose Get your copy here! What's it about? Alex is seventeen years old, tough, strong girl of the suburbs. Russell is a nineteen year old with a painful past, a little sister he adores, a father who works a lot and dreams of theatrical life. And their lives are about to collide! When the two first me, it's nothing less then impactful and they both know that this is only the beginning of something so much bigger, but their journey's anything but smooth. As Alex falls in love with the city boy, she is faced with opposition on all sides as she maneuvers her way among budding relationships between Russell and his little sister while pushing herself and her parents outside of their comfort zone all at the same time. Favorites: Favorite Character: My favorite character is Alex. She's strong, witty, smart and she gives people a chance but she's human. She has flaws. She has insecurities, fears and weaknesses. I like that she doesn't conform because someone said so. Least Favorite Character: Mrs. Finnegan wins this hands down, though I'm not a huge fan of Jill, either. Mrs. Finnegan is the mother of Alex's twin friends Jill and Corey and she nosey, bitter and overflowing with judgement (and some of those characteristics have absolutely rubbed off on Jill). The nosey I could write of as a quirk and, hey, I like quirky characters but it's the judgement that I can not overlook! I know that this book is copywrite dated at 1993, which means that Mrs. Finnegan is from a different time. I can even understand and cut her some slack because of it, but none of this excuses her cruel actions and her lack of considerations for consequences and how her actions could hurt those around her. Favorite Part: There were moments more then parts that I enjoyed, interactions between Alex and those around her but my favorite may have been the part where she's sitting in the parking lot, yelling at Jill in her jeep. It felt like a cathartic moment full of insight and unexpected wisdom. Least Favorite Part: The night Alex misses her curfew. I did not like the way her parents reacted. Don't get me wrong, she deserved to be have consequences, but I stopped agreeing with her parent when they refused to listen to anything Alex had to say and blamed everything on Russell. It reminded me that, as parents, we have some bad habits of placing blame on others instead of our children when at all possible and taking correlation as proof rather then looking further. The emotions that Alex expressed were not because of Russell, rather things she was already experiencing. Russell and her relationship with him just added a need to act upon those emotions. That doesn't mean that what she feels isn't real or legitimate. Other Thoughts: My first experience with this book was many years ago in Intermediate School. I read it many times. It's one of my first romance novels, and one of the first I read again and again. This time (unlike some others that have recently emerged from the vault of my Intermediate Days), it wasn't so bad. I found it humorous. It was a cute story and I still respected that, at it's heart, it's about two very different people who come together even while those in their respective worlds don't understand why. I respected that Alex looked beyond the guy everyone referred to as a criminal to get to know him. While this book is a pretty short read and isn't filled with deep, meaningful romantic scenes. It's not filled with countless mature characters and super insightful moments. It's just a simple, sweet story of two kids coming together. It just is what it is. The characters range from fun to ignorant and annoying as can be. They have flaws and (most of them) have their good points, too. The story is pretty predictable but an enjoyable experience just the same. How do I rank it? I give this a 5 out of 10 Hungarian sweets But that's just what I thought! What did you think? Did you think this book was a pass, or a worth the read? Did you like Alex and Russell together? Let us know in the comments!

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    FAQ Frequently asked questions How long will it take my order to be shipped? Please allow 5-7 business days for your order to ship. Once packages have shipped, delivery times are out of my control. Please check USPS for delivery times on your package. What is your return policy? Customer has within 2 days from the time tracking reports package to have arrived, to submit a return claim for damaged or broken items only. In the event of a broken or damaged item, purchaser will be expected to provide a photo of the broken or damaged item with the broken or damaged part clearly showing and will be expected to ship the damaged goods back to me at their expense within 5 days, with the return claim number provided attached unless otherwise stated. Product is expected to be returned in the same condition as it arrived to the customer. Should further damages occur, customer is responsible for the value lost. Digital items are non-refundable. Although I do not expect to have to do so, I do reserve the rights to deny a return claim for legal reasons. Reasons for a denied claim include, but are not limited to, the damage was caused by USPS in shipping and insurance through them is available, imperfection was clearly addressed in listing prior to purchase or high purchase to return ratio with the customer. Why does shipping cost so much? Unfortinutely, USPS calculates shipping based on the weight and size of your package. Shipping rates have increased recently as well. Due to these factors, I am constantly striving to provide the lowest possible shipping options. What is your privacy policy? Your privacy and security is very important to me. I will never share or sell your informaiton. Can I submit special requests or suggestions? Absolutely! Your feedback is very important! To submit a special request or suggestion, please fill out the 'contact us' form on the main page. I will respond as quickly as possible to all communications that are recieved! What do the condition descriptions mean? As you may have noticed, each item has a condition description listed. These vary from NEW to Well Loved. This scale is desinged to help you know exactly what you are paying for. Here is your code to better understanding those descriptions. New- These items were purchased brand new from supplies that I hand picked. They have not been owned by any other person as of yet and, therefor, in the best conditions that they can be. Like NEW- These items are in great shape! While I didn't aquire them new, they appear there are almost no flaws to the product and do not show signs of wear and tear. Gently Loved- These items are in good condition, however show signs of use. However, these signs are indicitive to what you would expecte from reasonable use. These imperfections include, but are not limited to, creases in the spine of the book, a looser binding (which may have come from the book being opened and laid flat to read), a few folded pages here and there, ect. Loved- These are the items that not only have been loved and already enjoyed, but they exibit additiona flaws. These imperfections include, but are not limited to, torn or bent covers, writing in the book, hightlighting in the book, extreamly loose binding, ect. Very loved- these are books who exibit great wear and tear. These items are the items that may have met the criteria to be added to the store's inventory by an inch. Where do you get your product? It is very important to me that I provide you with amazing, fun items at an affordable cost! No guilt here! To ensure that I can do this, I search a number of locations for fun items to share with you. I take donations, I purchase from private, sellings listing their items online, I scour thrift stores and book stores in area. I even have some amazing help in other areas who have volunteered to shop for me to help expand what is available to me, and to all of you! In addition, I have some whole salers of which I am excited to explore and work with to provide you with some new itesm as well! How can I save on shipping by picking up or dropping off? I know that shipping can be frusterating at times. I get it! I don't like it, either! That's why I've decided to offer pick up options and delivery options (to those who live in Davenport, IA ,Bettendorf,IA, Rock Island, IL or Moline, IL.). To pick up your order, please contact me to schedule your pick up and then select the "pick up" option in shipping! This will leave you with no shipping costs! Pick up times: Monday: 2:00-5:00 p.m Wednesday: 4:00-7:00 p.m *Note: times are subject to change. If you'd like to have your goodies delivered, please select the "delivery" option in shipping for a fee of $2.00. Then contact me to scedule your delivery! Do you take donations? Yes! I love donations! Donations of books in good condition can be made by scheduling a time to drop off your donations or for your donations to be picked up (note, donations to be picked up should be at least 3 or more items)! Want to donate but don't live near me? No worries! We accept donations via mail, as well! Please note that all donations are greatly appreciated! Thank you! Where do the blurbs in the descriptions come from? I know that a big part of shopping for books is getting to read blurbs about the book before you order it. That's why, whenever possible, I include the text from the back of the book in the description. This is the most common source of information in the description area. However, when that is not available, I will either find the equvilent online or I will expore the item and write one myself. Why was a claim or request denied? For leagal reasons, I reserve the right to deny, refuse or cancel an order or return. While I do not anticipate a high number claims or the need to deny them, there are some circumstance in which claims will be denied. This may occure for a number of reasons including, but not limited to, * Claim is made based on information clearly shared on the website prior to pruchase. * Damage happened during shipping and the package had inssurance. This allows you to make a claim with through the USPS and, with the proper proof (images and a copy of the invoice) they can reemberce you for the damages. * A high order to return ratio. Customers who have a high amount of return claims or a a number of suspicious circumstances will be denied. *Claims not submitted within the two day time frame will automatically be denied. * Claims that do not have the proper or sufficient documentation will be denied * customer does not send back the itme and cover the cost What is media mail and when do I qualify for it? Meida mail is offered to those who are ordering strictly paper products such as books. This is not our decision, but in compliance of the rules set by USPS (United States Postal Service). The great thing about it is that media mail significantly less expensive, though it does take a little longer to ship, generally expected to arive about 8 days AFTER it was shipped. What happens if I select Media Mail and my order doesn't qualify for a media mail? 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Credit will be awarded by the wizards of the Emporium based on a quick browse through of the book to determain what level the item will be listed as (New, Like new, Gently Loved, Loved) and credits will be awarded accordingly. New - $5.00 per book Like new-$1.25 Gently Loved: $0.75 Loved: $0.25 Items with our tag still on it gets an addition: $0.10 per item

  • Books | P.G's Storybook Emporium

    2019 ESTB P.G.'s Storybook Emporium An Emporium of wonders to celebrate the mystical stories we all love! Hello and welcome to P.G's Storybook Emporium where stories are celebrated! We thank you for visiting us and would like to invite you to start your journey with us by joining our email club! By joining, you'll have access to exclusive deals,sneak peeks, inside info! We'll even celebrate you signing up with an special deal delivered right to your email! But of course once you do that, you'll have to check out all of the literary treasures and trinkets we have stocked just for you!When you find something you love, you'll want to act fast as we only have one of most items and would hate to see you miss out ! So enjoy your visit, and we'll see you again soon! Join our email club! About Me Paula Granell, owner of P.G's storybook Emporium, avid reader and lover of stories Hello! May name is Paula! I'm a wife and a mother of three. Growing up, I didn't always fit in and academics were hard for me. I struggled so much that I couldn't read until I was in 5th grade! But, thanks to a devoted teacher, the right book was introduced to me and I discovered a deep love for reading and further appreciation for stories. As I grew up and became a mother, the need to provide a vast, and eclectic family library for not just myself, but my children to explore, experience and bond over became incredibly important. As I struggled to help provide for my family, while still providing a quality library of our own, I began to further appreciate the skill it takes to create a meaningful, personal, quality collection of books we can be proud of and reflects who we are as well as our individual tastes without breaking the bank. This appreciation served as the spark of inspiration and motivation to stop dreaming and start doing! Thus, the Emporium was birthed and has become a place of constant celebration of stories; a place where those who share my passion is welcome, accepted and can find happiness. A place where stories go to be remembered and those lost can be found again. And a place that allows everyone to constantly expand their collections without the guilt. Here, every one has a story and every story matters. Our Purpose I strive to help families who struggle with providing a quality family library without breaking the bank by sharing a wide variety of valuable literary options at a comparable, affordable cost. Our Mission Statement To share a love of reading and stories with those of all ages, building imagination and inspiration for a positive world through a shared love of stories spanning across all genres, all people as well as all media types and in an environment in which everyone can celebrate stories through community and shopping guilt free via items telling stories and celebrating stories at an affordable cost. Special Request?Contact Us! Send Success! Message received. Check Out Our Blog! Read book reviews, movie reviews and even video game reviews, try new recipes,get tips and fun ideas and find out what I'm really thinking ! It's all just a click away! Read Now Specials and Promotions Read our Blog Like us on Facebook Find us on Twitter Get the FAQ Find us on Pinterest Find us on Instagram

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