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  • How long will it take my order to be shipped?
    Please allow 5-7 business days for your order to ship. Once packages have shipped, delivery times are out of my control. Please check USPS for delivery times on your package.
  • What is your return policy?
    Customer has 3 days from the time tracking reports package to have arrived to report return claims on any glass, porcelain, resin, or otherwise fragile material (as we have deemed so) and collectables or electronics. Books are not considered fragile and are not eligible for returns.Claims may be made for damaged or broken items only. In the event of a broken or damaged item, purchaser will be expected to provide a photo of the broken or damaged item with the broken or damaged part clearly showing and will be expected to ship the damaged goods back to me at their expense within 5 days, with the return claim number provided attached unless otherwise stated. Product is expected to be returned in the same condition as it arrived to the customer. Should further damages occur, customer is responsible for the value lost. Digital items are non-refundable. Return items shipped via a third party must be awarded via said provider. Although I do not expect to have to do so, I do reserve the rights to deny a return claim for legal reasons. Reasons for a denied claim include, but are not limited to, the damage was caused by USPS in shipping and insurance through them is available, imperfection was clearly addressed in listing prior to purchase or high purchase to return ratio with the customer.
  • Why does shipping cost so much?
    Unfortinutely, USPS calculates shipping based on the weight and size of your package. Shipping rates have increased recently as well. Due to these factors, I am constantly striving to provide the lowest possible shipping options.
  • What is your privacy policy?
    Your privacy and security is very important to me. I will never share or sell your informaiton.
  • Can I submit special requests or suggestions?
    Absolutely! Your feedback is very important! To submit a special request or suggestion, please fill out the 'contact us' form on the main page. I will respond as quickly as possible to all communications that are recieved!
  • What do the condition descriptions mean?
    As you may have noticed, each item has a condition description listed. These vary from NEW to Well Loved. This scale is desinged to help you know exactly what you are paying for. Here is your code to better understanding those descriptions. New- These items were purchased brand new from supplies that I hand picked. They have not been owned by any other person as of yet and, therefor, in the best conditions that they can be. Like NEW- These items are in great shape! While I didn't aquire them new, they appear there are almost no flaws to the product and do not show signs of wear and tear. Gently Loved- These items are in good condition, however show signs of use. However, these signs are indicitive to what you would expecte from reasonable use. These imperfections include, but are not limited to, creases in the spine of the book, a looser binding (which may have come from the book being opened and laid flat to read), a few folded pages here and there, ect. Loved- These are the items that not only have been loved and already enjoyed, but they exibit additiona flaws. These imperfections include, but are not limited to, torn or bent covers, writing in the book, hightlighting in the book, extreamly loose binding, ect. Very loved- these are books who exibit great wear and tear. These items are the items that may have met the criteria to be added to the store's inventory by an inch.
  • Where do you get your product?
    It is very important to me that I provide you with amazing, fun items at an affordable cost! No guilt here! To ensure that I can do this, I search a number of locations for fun items to share with you. I take donations, I purchase from private, sellings listing their items online, I scour thrift stores and book stores in area. I even have some amazing help in other areas who have volunteered to shop for me to help expand what is available to me, and to all of you! In addition, I have some whole salers of which I am excited to explore and work with to provide you with some new itesm as well!
  • How can I save on shipping by picking up or dropping off?
    I know that shipping can be frusterating at times. I get it! I don't like it, either! That's why I've decided to offer pick up options and delivery options (to those who live in Davenport, IA ,Bettendorf,IA, Rock Island, IL or Moline, IL.). To pick up your order, please contact me to schedule your pick up and then select the "pick up" option in shipping! This will leave you with no shipping costs! Pick up times: Monday: 2:00-5:00 p.m Wednesday: 4:00-7:00 p.m *Note: times are subject to change. If you'd like to have your goodies delivered, please select the "delivery" option in shipping for a fee of $2.00. Then contact me to scedule your delivery!
  • Do you take donations?
    Yes! I love donations! Donations of books in good condition can be made by scheduling a time to drop off your donations or for your donations to be picked up (note, donations to be picked up should be at least 3 or more items)! Want to donate but don't live near me? No worries! We accept donations via mail, as well! Please note that all donations are greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  • Where do the blurbs in the descriptions come from?
    I know that a big part of shopping for books is getting to read blurbs about the book before you order it. That's why, whenever possible, I include the text from the back of the book in the description. This is the most common source of information in the description area. However, when that is not available, I will either find the equvilent online or I will expore the item and write one myself.
  • Why was a claim or request denied?
    For leagal reasons, I reserve the right to deny, refuse or cancel an order or return. While I do not anticipate a high number claims or the need to deny them, there are some circumstance in which claims will be denied. This may occure for a number of reasons including, but not limited to, * Claim is made based on information clearly shared on the website prior to pruchase. * Damage happened during shipping and the package had inssurance. This allows you to make a claim with through the USPS and, with the proper proof (images and a copy of the invoice) they can reemberce you for the damages. * A high order to return ratio. Customers who have a high amount of return claims or a a number of suspicious circumstances will be denied. *Claims not submitted within the two day time frame will automatically be denied. * Claims that do not have the proper or sufficient documentation will be denied * customer does not send back the itme and cover the cost
  • What is media mail and when do I qualify for it?
    Meida mail is offered to those who are ordering strictly paper products such as books. This is not our decision, but in compliance of the rules set by USPS (United States Postal Service). The great thing about it is that media mail significantly less expensive, though it does take a little longer to ship, generally expected to arive about 8 days AFTER it was shipped.
  • What happens if I select Media Mail and my order doesn't qualify for a media mail?
    If you accedently select "Media mail" even though your entire shipment is does not qualify as such, your order will be helpd and you will recieve contact from us letting you know that your order did not qualify for the shipping method you chose and will be recieving an invorce for the remaining amount to be paid PRIOR to your order being shipped. If your invoice is NOT paid in three day's time from the time the invoice is sent, your order will be canceled and you will have to sunmit your order again, selecting the correct shipping options.
  • What does it mean to "special order" an item? When should I special order something?"
    We special order items when we do not have the item on hand in our shelves but have the access and ability to order that item through our providers upon request. You may be able to find some choices on our website that is only currently available for special orderd as well. When we special order items, they will be specially ordered with in 7 business days and, most often will be shipped right from our provider to your address, saving you money and paying for double shipping. Once ordered, your item is expected to arrive within the following 14 business days from the time the order is placed. If your item is on back order or unavailable, we will lookl for alternitive resourses and contact you (likely via email) to let you know that there has been a hold up and what our suggested solution is.
  • What is your policy on donations?
    We accept donations for books in new - Good conditions for store credit only. We do NOT accept previously loved cards, puzzles, games, DVD/Bluerays, CDs, bingo cards, wearable items. Donations are considered to be any item given to our store of which we do not pay any cash to aquire (including shipping costs if the donation is shipped). Any items that are not a good fit for our store will either be available for pick up by you or will be donated or otherwise used to our descression and will be considered our proporty if not picked up within three days after being notified that they are not a good fit for our store. We reserve the right to not accept or resell donations for any number of reasons left up to our discression but may include (but are not limited) to any of the following reasons: Poor condition (covers or pages falling out, writing on the text, severe water damage, hateful or violent contents that calls for such behavior in the "real" world, no dust jackets, text books). An additional amount of credit will be awarded for each book/item that is donated with a P.G's Storybook Emporium tag still on the item as was placed by us. Credit will be awarded by the wizards of the Emporium based on a quick browse through of the book to determain what level the item will be listed as (New, Like new, Gently Loved, Loved) and credits will be awarded accordingly. New - $5.00 per book Like new-$1.25 Gently Loved: $0.75 Loved: $0.25 Items with our tag still on it gets an addition: $0.10 per item
  • When I order, am I getting the exact book in the picture?"
    Images used for new items are less likely to be the exact item pictured on our websites and those offered as special order is not the exact item pictured. However, we do try to provide images of the exact item, though we do not guarentee this. This means that it is possible that the book pictured on the website may also have varying cover art as well unless specificantly listed on the listing. We try to picture all of the options availble for previously loved book, however sometimes we do get variants taht are not the same as pictured. However, in the rare case that you order a book and the one that is shipped to you is deemed a lower quality then the one photoed, we will provide you with some form of compensations as we seem appropriate. These methods are decided by us and may be in the form of coupon or gift card or a free item to equal the descrepency in price.
  • Do I get reward points for everything I order from the website, Bookshop and Libro if I go through your store?"
    Sadly, not at this time. That is because the program that we use for our rewards prorgram does not cross connect to other platforms so it is literally, not possible at this time.
  • What are your store Hours?
    Our website and social media pages are always accessible to pursue and adopt new items! However, people are usually in the office to help you on your journey and respond to questions and ship out orders Monday - Friday 8-7 p.m with the exception of holidays. Currently, we are temporarily closed 3/6/23 through 3/13/23 due to a family emergency as we will be focusing on family during this time. Any orders placed during these times will be shipped after we return to the office. Thank you for your patience. These dates and times are subject to change.
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