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Where can you support
P.G's Storybook Emporium?

There are so many ways!

Supporting the Emporium can look different then you may expect and it doesn't always cost money!

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Never heard of You're missing out! Libro is a great resource for collecting audio books. But my favorite thing is their support to the indie bookstore! Libro partners with awesome indie bookstores (like us) to help spread the love of reading through books by allowing you to pick your favorite indie bookstore (or shop through their link) to share the profit with. By doing this, it allows loyal bookworms to enjoy their audio books while still supporting their favorite stores and helping them continue to do what they do best, provide books! And, it's easy to navigate! It's also the reason I've started listening to audio books myself. Here's how you can support the P.G's Storybook Emporium and enjoy your audio books!

  • When you go to Libro, make us your store of choice.

  • Shop by using the link above (just click on the first sentence that's underlined) or any of the links to get your audio book I share in my posts (sometimes those links may be in the comments, too)

  • We've even included links to the audio version of books on our website's book pages that we hope you'll use! Just clicking on those links will take you to that book's listing on Libro with us as the store you're shopping with for that order!

  • Get a subscription (with us as your store of choice) to add to your audio library and support us every single month your keep your subscription (you can cancel at any time). 

  • Tell all your bookworm friends to use Libro and let them know that if they don't have an indie bookstore they love (or if that indie bookstore they love is us) we'd love to be their store of choice!

We might be obsessed with right now! Bookshop is another phenomenal group that supports bookworms and indie bookstores alike in some pretty amazing ways! Bookshop partners with indie bookstores and allows us to provide goodies through them to all of you! My favorite part is that your indie bookstore of choice gets the profit (or a percentage of the profit depending on the store) from the book just like if you got it through us and they take all the profits from any orders not made through a bookstore and a small portion from every other order, and they divide it up and send out checks to indie stores with physical locations! My mind is blown! It's a great way to support small indie stores! How can you support us through Bookshop?

  • Use our links (the one above, the ones on our website with the books we have on our site, or any on social medias) when you shop Bookshop! Using our links will set us as your bookstore so that anything you adopt, supports us!

  • If you go straight to, search our store (P.G's Storybook Emporium) to make us your store. 

  • Find a book that we have previously loved that you want new? Find a book you have to have but we're out of stock? Find a book that's part of the series and you now have to get your hands on the WHOLE series? Order them from us and our Bookshop! You'll be happy you did!

  • Consider ordering items available for "Special Order" through our Bookshop page.

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Facebook is our favorite social media platform! We love posting updates of what's going on in our store, talk about what we're currently reading and just enjoy being a bookworm and supporting us on Facebook is just as much fun! Some of the best ways you can support us on FB are:

  • Follow us (click on "facebook" at the top of this blurb and you'll be whisked away to our facebook community page!) Liking us makes us happy, but those who follow us really help increase our reach and see our posts more often then those who like.

  • Comment and participate on our posts. Not only is it fun, the more people interact with us, the more people get to see us and join in the fun!

  • Share! Sharing our posts and our page with other bookworms in your life helps us be seen by more people, add people to the conversations and gives them opportunities to shop with us, too! 

  • Placed an order with us and loved the experience? Leave a review on our facebook page. It helps let others know that we're an awesome and safe place to shop and tells Facebook that we deserve to be seen.

  • Cool fact: Liking and sharing us on FB will also earn you reward points!

Twitter is another fun place to find us, though, we'll be honest, not everything gets posted on there (we can be a little wordy sometimes...and Twitter doesn't like that). On Twitter, we spend most of our time enjoying the bookworm life! We talk about what we're reading, share important store information and talk about...well...books! Plus, much like Facebook, it's a great way to support us without spending a cent!

  • Following us (click the "twitter" above to be magically taken to our Twitter page) is a simple and fun way to let us know you're there!

  • Participating in the conversation is always fun AND helps the powers that be know that we're, relevant, we're cool and more people should see us!

  • Retweeting is awesome! It expands our reach so others have the chance to see us and participate plus it tells us you REALLY liked and agreed with what we said so we can keep creating that kind of content. Plus, it helps others see us which is always awesome!

  • You earn Reward points for following us on Twitter!

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Instagram is another one of our favorite socials! We post most of the same things on Instagram as we do on Facebook, honestly. We post updates about the store, talk about what we're currently reading and enjoy being awesome bookworms living the life. It's one of the places to go if you want to up to date on what's happening at the Emporium. You can support us on Instagram by:

  • Following us! You can find is through the link above and it allows you to be up to date on what's happening, tell us your thoughts and be among the first in the know while you support us. I don't see a downside here.

  • Comment and like our posts. Not only does it let us know you're there and you like what you see, but it tells the algorithms not to overlook us and reminds them to share our awesomness...

  • speaking of sharing, tell your bookworm friends about us, too! Word of mouth is among the BEST compliments we get! It lets us know that we are achieving our goals and helping to make the world, and the lives in it better and positive.

  • Bonus: Following us on Instagram will also earn you reward points!

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Pinterest is a great place for visual inspiration! We love sharing what's new in the store, awesome ideas and heartfelt inspiration on our Pinterest page and we love seeing the creations, too! On Pinterest, it's all about the pins (which makes it easy to be supportive, right)? So support us by:

  • Follow us on Pinterest! It helps us to be seen and allows you to know when we post new stuff.

  • Pin our pins (especially our original pins made by our wizards). It helps us get more eyes on our hard work!

  • Post our pins on the socials

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Tik Tok is the newest of our socials (so be patient. We're learning) but so far, we're kind of loving scrolling through the app. (don't tell my husband. He tried to get me on Tik Tok for a while and I fought tooth and nail)! It's a great place for updates, advice, and book talk while getting to know us. I'm not sure I'll be able to hide how geeky I can get about books on camera! We have so many plans and we're so excited to join the world of booktok! We hope you'll join us, too! Plus, you can give us support by:

  • Following us and actually watching our videos (when we post them)

  • Comment and push the heart on our videos so we know when we're doing something right! Of course, it'll also help you see more of us and what you liked, so really it's a win win!

  • Share our videos with your friends and on the socials! More eyes is always good!

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