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Book Review: Severance Infernal Guard (#3) Severance by S.G.D. Singh

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Title: Severance (Infernal Guard #3)

Author: S G D Singh

(And they might even be signed!)

What's it about?

The gang is back together and on a mission...this time to fulfill their destinies, complete with a civilian in tow Actually, many civilians in tow, as they strive to save our world as we know it and close all of the portals without burying any more then necessary.

Of course the crew can't do it alone, which quickly includes trying to convince Rayna to assist, this time with out the agenda of killing innocents and ruling their whelm. However, as things go askew, their chances for survival look more and more bleak, though, the are promised heart breaking grief and emotional trauma only a guard member could possibly over come as a lovely parting gift.


Favorite Characters: This time we didn't get to meet many new characters, however, that just gave me a chance to fall even more in love with the characters we already know and love! That also means that I will end up repeating myself as I discuss my favorite characters...but what can you do?

One of my absolute favorites was Aquilia. I know, no surprise there, however he's absolutely crush worthy...if you're about 15 or so years younger then me. He's funny, witty and adorable. I adore his truth, faith and belief in those he loves while still being right by their side and always willing to fight for them. He just always seems to make me smile.

Zaiden- I know..when you love someone as much as I love Nidhan, Zaiden doesn't seem like a likely choice to make this list...but there's something about him. I think it's his strong, unadulterated love for Lexi that does it for me. While he loves Lexi with every fiber of his being, he wants nothing more for her then to be happy, even if it means she's not with him. He's willing to befriend those closest to her because he likes them, with no hidden agenda to weasel his way into her heart and steal it out from under Nidhan. He understands that Lexi truly loves both him and Nidhan and that it's got to be her choice who she ends up with, no one else's.

Nidhan- I just love him more and more as the series goes on! He's strong, sweet, fierce and protective but a warrior. It's a great combination, especially when his B.A facade slips and he shows his love for not just Lexi, but Asha.

Of course I love Lexi and Asha, Jax and Kelakha as well. Trust me, there were a list of people on my list of, "They better end up okay and healthy! They get the happy ending!" list, and that list was much longer then my list of top favorite characters.

Least favorite Character: Maybe Rayna. I know, if you've read this book, you'll know that she had her moments in this finale to the Infernal Guard series, but I just couldn't...

Maybe it's the horrific things she did to babies in the first book, or her incredible joy for hurting torturing other living beings. I don't know, but she's just done enough to make it too hard for me to forgive her and actually like her. I mean, I feel for her. I'm sorry was kidnapped and given the life she was stuck with but she could have done things differently, I guess.

Favorite Part: Would you hate me if I said I don't think I have one? But wait! Before you start throwing stones at me, hear me out. I loved the whole book! It was a great conclusion to a saga that I've fallen in love with. I just don't think there's one part that stands out more then the others as "the best" part.

Least favorite Part: This one is easy, and yet I can't really tell you as it would be spoilers. So I will say this, the author revealed that she wanted to make the reader ugly cry...and she did. The point in which I bawled is my least favorite part of the book.

Favorite Quotes:

"The longer the night, the brighter the dawn." he said, his voice the promise of healing. "for those with the strength to endure the darkness." (pg. 24). Okay, do I really need to explain this choice? It hit me hard with a sense of hope and celebration of strength. It was a reminder that the hard times are not the only times, things will get better, good things will come and it will be okay as long as we just make it through the worst of it.

"Silas is right. It is every conscious human's duty to know, to learn, and to accept the truth of the past before they can truly embrace the future. Otherwise, are we no better than beasts? Destined to repeat the same mistakes over and over again?"" Bapji shook his head.

I strongly believe that we need to understand where we came from to know how to get to where we want to go. The past has helped create us, weather on a sociological level as an entire culture or population or on a personal, individualized level. We came from somewhere and we want to go somewhere. The question is how do we find a way to make our entire life's path connect and get us to the end destination?

"She saw that everything that had happened, no matter how terrible, had happened for a reason. It happened to make her stronger. That through the terrible pressure of pain and sorry she endured, she'd become unbreakable. Like a diamond." (pg. 234) - I think there's a beauty in those who overcome remarkable odds. There's strength that we walk away from whenever anyone makes it to the other side of a hard spot and it makes us just that much less breakable for what is to come in the future. These words spoken by Silas struck me as such a beauty representation of all of that.

Other thoughts I had...

Over all, this book was the perfect ending to the Infernal Guard series. While there were some losses that I may never get over, I couldn't ask for a more fitting ending. It was thrilling, humorous and emotional. When I finished, I wanted more! I didn't want to say good bye to the world and the people I had grown attached to!

Of course, there were some things that I wanted to see happen that didn't, like Jax becoming an official guard member, I was very happy to see that, tacked onto the end of this trilogy's finale, were a couple short stories that take us away from the overall story arch while allowing us to see how the group fared over all. Not only was it satisfying, it gave me a little hope that, maybe, we may just manage to see our friends of the Infernal Guard again! Fingers crossed!

How do I rank this book...

I give this book a


out of

5 Guard Members

But that's just what I thought! Did you read this book? What did you think? Who did you love? Let us know in the comments.

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