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Book review: The funny thing is...

Updated: May 6, 2021

Title: The Funny thing is...

Author: Ellen DeGeneres

(Currently only available for special order)

To be honest with you, when I picked up this book, I expected it to be 177 pages of real life, true stories told by Ellen with sense of humor. I was wrong...

What's it about?

The Funny thing is... This is is a book about...nothing and everything at the same time. It's a look into Ellen's psyche...or the part in which everything is fair game and life is a series of serious conversations with a hidden cause to laugh... Chapter after chapter is filled with seemingly random thoughts and rants serving as a commentary for life and our desires to have the answers and how do it right.

What did I think about it?

Within the first page or two, I knew I was going to enjoy this book and it didn't let me down. It's not often a book can make me laugh out loud every time I pick it up, but Ellen found a way. Ellen has a way of connecting with the readers and relating to them with out faking it and without ignoring who she is and her status. With a perfect blend of mockery and enlightened self deprecation, she remains real and proves that she doesn't take herself or the world of fame too seriously without throwing her fellow celebrity counterparts under the bus.

On the other hand, I was slightly disappointed by two factors. The first was that this was less autobiographical and more of a intimate stand up show. As a late comer to the I love Ellen club, I would have loved to see a little more personal side to her. My second complaint is that it was only 177 pages long! It was such a fun read, I didn't want it to end quit so soon.

But all in all, if you are looking for a humorous, quick, and ingenious "pick up and go" feel good, full of fun blurbs and no true story-line, this is for you! It's the perfect choice to plop into your carry on bag when traveling or heading into the holidays when you know you're going to super busy and doubt your ability to follow story-lines and characters to connect with will be there. I, for one, am very glad I had the opportunity to read this work of comedy art!

What would I rate it?

I give this book a....

4 out of 5 laughs

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