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Book Review: The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks

Title: The Lucky One

Author: Nicholas Sparks

What's it about?

Logan Thibault is a vet who fought in Iraq and while he's not sure why he survived, but he suspects it has something to do with the photo he just happened to find of a girl and, while he's not entirely convinced that's true, he's still alive after many events that should have killed him and his best friend Victor is sure that it's because of the picture. But when he comes home to Colorado, things don't quit go back to normal and he eventually finds himself walking from Colorado to North Carolina in search of the girl in the picture, after all, he owes her his life.

Beth is a single mom with a somewhat rocky relationship with her ex. She lives with her grandmother and is helping to keep her grandmother's business going strong even when Nana can't. Together, they're just trying to make it in a small town.

But when the two of their paths crossed, they Beth and Logan may never be the same. They're forced to not just get to know each other better, but find greater understanding in their own lives and overcome the monsters lying wait in their pasts. But secrets have a tendency of getting in the way and ruining everything, even more then drastically then an ex husband with too much power, and an inflamed sense of entitlement.


Favorite Character: I think my favorite character was Nana. Yes. I know. This only feeds into the idea that I prefer the old side characters but I can't help it! She was wise, eccentric, stubborn, owned her own business and loving. She said the funniest lines (half of which didn't make any sense) and she supported those she cared about. Now, that doesn't mean that I didn't like Beth and Logan. I most certainly did, in fact, but as far as favorites go, I think Nana is just a little above the other two.

Least Favorite Character: Easy. Without a doubt, my least favorite character was Keith Clayton. He was cruel, selfish, manipulative, controlling and over privileged. He hid behind his power as a Clayton as if he were untouchable by anyone with a different last name and he used that as an excuse to exhibit his worse characteristics and behaviors. And that's not even getting into all of the parenting techniques I disagree with thoroughly. I mean, I get he's human but Nicholas Sparks doesn't usually have anyone in his books that reminds me of a villain. Keith Clayton does, however.

Favorite part: I won't go into too much detail but Beth goes on this date with someone (I can neither confirm or deny that that someone is Logan) and she goes to a place she's never been before but has heard good things about. (Please tell me there's a place like this in real life. I need to know it just exists!) It's not a place I think I'd like to go, but it was a fun scene and sounds like a cool place for someone who likes that kind of food and meeting new people.

Least favorite part: Pretty much any part with Clayton without Logan. Really, any part with Clayton made me want to smack him, to be honest. However, there was a part toward the end when Clayton...let's just say he has some feelings he doesn't know how to handle appropriately that, while couldn't exactly be cut out of the book, but didn't quit feel like Clayton, either. It also made me hate him more. I think it was this part that really made me have no sympathy for him after that moment no matter what happened to him. In fact, I found myself wanting to blame him for anything that went wrong after that moment.

Any other thoughts?

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I wouldn't say it's an epic love story like some of Mr. Sparks' other works but I really enjoyed it. I liked getting to know (most of) the characters and seeing their emotional journey. I thought that Logan's complicated story was told well and I was able to follow each of his time lines when needed. And while the story and a number of the characters were predictable, the story still felt satisfying.

This is, however, another case in which I wish that Mr. Sparks had use some more "show me" language but I do understand that the journey is more of an emotional adventure then a scenic one and I don't think the lack of "show me" hindered the story any. All in all, It was a hart felt read.

What do I rate this book?

I give this book a


out of

10 dogs

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