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Book review: Wingbearer

Title: Wingbearer

Author: Marjorie Liu

Illustrator: Teny Issakhanian

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What's it about?

Zuli was raised in the branches of the Great Tree by legendary bird spirits. She's never left beyond her tree, that is until bird spirits stop making their way to the tree, preventing new birds from being reborn. Something's wrong no one knows what which is why Zuli, with he guardian owl Fowler embark of an adventures to save and protect the spirits of all the birds in the world. On her way to saving the world, she meets and even sometimes befriends a number of mythical creatures including dragons and griffon. But maybe, the most important discovery is who she really is.


Favorite Characters: Zuli. I think my affection for her has something to do with the fact that she reminds me of my daughter. They are both optimistic and kind. They've both got this unconditional love and respect for animals that is solid and really hard to make faulter (not that we'd want it to). They kind of radiate love and bring out the goodness of others just by being near them.

I also can't help but like Fowler. Maybe it's because he's an owl and I have a weakness for owls but there's also something about his somewhat trop-y sidekick personality that I find adorable, even if he's kind of judgy about others.

Least Favorite Characters: Maestra, even though he may not be the one I should think of first. I just disliked how cold he was. I get he's a leader and trying to protect his people but I still wanted to smack him.

I also, obviously disliked the Queen Witch. But, that's to be expected as she's the villain in this book.