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Review: Street Lawyer by John Grisham

Title: Street Lawyer

Author: John Grisham

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What's it about?

Michael Brock is a successful lawyer in a huge firm and is just a few years away from being named partner! But then a homeless man who calls himself "Mister" comes into his firms building, chooses his floor and takes a handful of people as hostages with no discernable end goal. The group find themselves trapped in the meeting room with a smelly, armed man who had the forethought to not only bring a gun, but strap himself with sticks of explosives as well, leaving the lawyers terrified for their life and frantically trying to devise a plan to escape the horror.

After managing to survive, Michael can't seem to look at life the same way again and finds himself in need of closure. He begins to ask questions in an effort to understand Mister, what he wanted, why he chose that specific law firm and to decipher some of the odd comments Mister uttered in that room. But in the process, he discovers so much more then he ever thought possible and soon he's reexamines his life choices, making new friends and finding understanding not just in Mister, but a whole population of people he had never thought about before.


Favorite character: Mordecai Green. He's got this great way of fighting and getting things done but he's a big ol' teddy bear, even if he's not the best driver. I love his gentle way of steering Michael to a new life without pressuring him or pushing him. And when you see him in action doing his job, it's awesome. In some ways, he reminds me of Atticus Finch.

Least Favorite Character: Honestly, I think it's Michael's wife. There are other people who don't understand, but his wife just seems heartless to me. I get that there's a lot of stuff she doesn't understand, but I feel like she doesn't quite care enough about him to try or even want to understand. She's more of a convenient wife, there when it's convenient for her and not when he needs her to be. And, in a lot of ways, I think that's harder to forgive then pure ignorance.