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It seems God and death are the only two constants in Susan Lambert’s life. While in Prague for the funeral of the grandmother who raised her,  Susan’s cousin Wendy goes out one night with a guy she just met. It’s not unlike Wendy, but Susan senses something’s wrong. Moments later, a dark and irresistibly attractive man appears, claiming her cousin is in danger. Against her instincts, Susan follows him. Where he leads her will go far beyond anything she has ever known.


Once a brutal knight who fought during the crusades, Raphael was cursed for his sins to roam the earth as a vampire. Now he needs Susan’s help in the secret war against a sinister evil. Susan must trust the mesmerizing Raphael to survive. But should she? Can a demon ever be truly redeemed?

Kiss of Night (#1) by Debbie Viguie

SKU: ABS02322P
  • Paperback

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