North to the Future!


That Wintery Feeling

She’s not in Kansas anymore! Cathy Thompson was betrayed by the man she’d loved, a betrayal that sent her north to the new teaching job and a brand-new life. Now she’s fallen in love with the grandeur of Alaska- and with a bush pilot named Grady Jones., who has custody of his young daughter, Angela. He offers Cathy a marriage of convenience, a proposal that, for him, isn’t about love. But being together, being a family, helps Cathy forget her past. And it helps Grady find a future he hadn't expected!


Borrowed Dreams

Carly Grieves left Seattle for Anchorage because she was looking for a more adventurous life. She’s expeted a job with a shipping company- a job that comes with plenty of challenges...including a pilot Brand St. Clair. Despite her best intentions, she’s falling in love with him. But Bran’s a widower and Carly’s afraid he’s simply looking for a replacement wife. She’s afraid to hope that he’s fallen in love with her, too...

North to Alaska by Debbie Macomber

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  • Paperback