Jessica McMillan and Jeremy Travino are a perfect couple. When they met in high school, Jessica’s upbeat spirit helped Jeremy to see that there must have been a reason he was spared in the car accident that killed his brother.


But now Jessica has been diagnosed as having kidney failure. She’s on dialysis three days a week and is so depressed that she’s not sure she wants to live. Her one hope for a normal life is a kidney transplant, but she’s an only child and her parents aren’t suitable donors. Jeremy can’t stand by and watch another person he loves die. He believes that his life was spared so that he could save Jessica. He is determined to donate one of his kidneys to her. But his parents are terrified of losing their only living child. Will jeremy find the strength to go against his parents’ wishes and do what he must to save Jessica. 

Saving Jessica by Lurlene McDaniel

  • Paperback

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