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Dr. Lynette Louise- also known as “The Brain Broad”- is an internationally renowned brain change and behavior expert. The story within these pages is from a moment in her life. As an award-winning author, lifelong filmmaker, and acclaimed humanitarian, she has a passion for poetically stirring up ideas and empathy while simultaneously striking at the heart of a matter with clarity and confidence. She is a sought-after speaker, teacher, and counselor for businesses, schools and individuals around the glob who solicit her experience and expertise on various topics including mental health, leadership, disability and abuse. Lynette is also the single mother of eight; six adopted, five with cognitive dysfunctions, all having suffered varying degrees of abuse. Dr. Lynette Louise lives in Southern California with her son, Dar, as well as an exciting variety of family and friends seeking her guidance while learning skills

Sever the Cycle of Abuse with the Sub Shop Savior

  • Paperback

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