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The truth is just beginning to be told about the  cycle of multi-generational trauma,poverty,and how our society has abandoned vast swaths of Americans to suffer the ravages from a system they don't control.


On May 12th, 2013, 48 year-old-Vicky Isaac of rural Puxico,Missouri-a woman with historyof learning disabilities,traumatic brain injuries,and drug addiction- loaded a .22 caliber handgun and shot her violent addict husband while he slept in the trailer they shared with Vickey's schizophrenic adult son.Or did she?


Her sister,Betty Frizzel,escaped her family's legacy of crime,addiction, and abuse to become a respected law enforcement officer and teacher.Now she's drawn back to the town and people of her past,as she works to uncover the facts of Vickey's crime and reconcile her family's long history of violence.Her investigation reveals the sad depths of untreated mental illness,small-town politics,and our modern American society that doesn't care about "poor, white trash." 


What you think you know about rural Midwest will be challenged by Frizzell's harrowing story of people who were promised a path to prosperity but find their reality is low-paying jobs and opioid abuse.

If You Can't Quit Cryin'; You Can't Come here No More by Betty Frizzell

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